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Your brain on Phenibut!

If you are looking for a Phenibut review, this article will delve deep into how it works, what its benefits are, how to use it and where you can buy it.

Nootropics can help boost the power of your brain, and Phenibut is a popular choice amongst nootropic enthusiasts. Those who take Phenibut swear by its many benefits – from improved cognition to less anxiety and better sleep.

What Is Phenibut

Our brains produce a neurotransmitter called gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) that helps boost our mood and reduce anxiety. Phenibut, or beta-phenyl-GABA, is a synthetic drug that emulates the effect GABA has on the brain.

Phenibut was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1960s where it was prescribed for medical use. It was used as a treatment for stress, anxiety, fear, sleeplessness and PTSD. Currently, it is still being used as medication in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Latvia.

In the United States and the rest of Europe, Phenibut is not used medically, but recreationally. It is a potent nootropic, and people take Phenibut to help improve their state of mind.

How Does Phenibut Work

Phenibut is considered a psychotropic drug, which means that it can influence the mental state of the person consuming it. It is similar to the neurotransmitter GABA in structure.

GABA is known to reduce anxiety and tension, enhance brain function and induce feelings of euphoria. GABA, by attaching to receptors, prevents them from receiving neural signals that are associated with anxiety.  Phenibut can have a similar effect on people, because it binds to two subtypes of GABA receptors known as GABA-A and GABA-B. One of the major ways Phenibut improves upon the naturally occurring GABA is by crossing the blood brain barrier, which GABA can only accomplish when paired with a carrier.

GABA can also influence brain waves, particular the Alpha and Beta brain waves. Beta brain waves are associated with alertness, attention and concentration. They are also associated with the negative aspects of alertness – such as stress and anxiety. Alpha brain waves, on the other hand, signal relaxation. GABA has been known to reduce Beta brain waves and increase Alpha brain waves, leading to a calmer and more relaxed state of mind. Phenibut, which mimics GABA, can have a similar effect on your mind, if taken within the recommended doses.

Phenibut Benefits

Improves Cognition

Phenibut is used as a nootropic because it enhances attention, concentration, memory and motivation. Research backs up this claim – a clinical trial, conducted on people who have emotional and cognitive impairments, found that over 70% of them had improved emotional intelligence, attention and memory after taking 1000 mg of Phenibut [1].

A study conducted on rats found that Phenibut has neuroprotective effects on them [2]. A similar study on rabbits concluded that Phenibut improves learning [3].

Reduces Anxiety

Anecdotal experience of Phenibut users has a common thread – that it has helped reduce fear and anxiety. The claim can be substantiated with research, where a clinical trial found that Phenibut reduces fatigue and anxiety levels in people, and improves sleep [4].

There have been several animal studies conducted to learn more about the effects of Phenibut. One such study on rabbits revealed that it reduced their anxiety, and helped them leave stressful situations [5]. Another study indicated that Phenibut can influence brain waves, which in turn reduces anxiety in animals [6].

Reduces Fatigue

There are studies that show that Phenibut reduces fatigue, both in adults and in children. In a clinical trial, with people who suffered from chronic fatigue, Phenibut reduced fatigue and improved motivation [7].

In another study, children with emotional fatigue were put on Phenibut, and the results were promising. About 67% of them showed improvement, and their fatigue, pain and emotional symptoms improved [8].

Helps Alleviate Insomnia

One of the key reasons Phenibut was developed was to address insomnia and sleep disorders. The clinical trials conducted support the fact that Phenibut can improve sleep, and relieve insomnia [9].

It is a powerful sedative, and is still widely used as a medication for sleep disorders, anxiety, and stress [10].

How To Take Phenibut

Phenibut is sold as an over the counter nootropic, and is readily available online. It is commonly available as a powder, capsules and a solution. There are two forms usually sold – Phenibut HCL and f-Phenibut. F-Phenibut has a similar effect to Phenibut, but has a faster onset, more potency, and lasts shorter. The data that is covered pertains to Phenibut HCL, and should not be confused with f-Phenibut.


The dosage differs from person to person. It depends on what they are using Phenibut for, how long they have been using it and whether they are taking it alongside other stimulants. The recommended range is anywhere from 500 mg to 2000 mg.

Those who want to use Phenibut therapeutically should stick to the range of 250-750 mg. For experienced users who want to use Phenibut recreationally, the recommended range is 1000 mg to 2000 mg. Typically, 1000-1500 mg is a low to medium dosage while 1500-2000 mg is a medium to high dosage. Taking more than the recommended dosage can mean a higher risk of having negative effects.


It takes Phenibut 2-4 hours to kick in after consuming it. It has no immediate effect, so those who are taking it for the very first time should wait for a few hours before taking more.

How Long the Effects Lasts

The effects can last from 4 to 24 hours depending on the dosage taken. The full effects of Phenibut usually lasts for 4-6  hours, but it may vary. Some users have reported the effects lasting for 16-24 hours.


Phenibut should not be taken every day. Experienced users recommend taking it a couple of times a week, at most.


Taking Phenibut with alcohol, or taking high doses of it, can have negative effects. Anything over 3000 mg can cause nausea, vomiting, confusion, hallucinations and tremors.

Phenibut Side Effects

Phenibut is safe when it is taken in recommended dosages. Higher doses have side effects, and may cause:

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Phenibut may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 

Central Nervous System Symptoms

Phenibut acts as a depressant on the central nervous system, and may cause trouble with breathing, insomnia, sedation, confusion, agitation, euphoria, depression, and hallucinations.

Other Symptoms

High doses of Phenibut may cause musculoskeletal symptoms such as tremors or excessive muscle relaxation. It may also cause a spike in blood pressure and heart rate.

My Experience With Phenibut

My Background

I have spent a lot of time researching nootropics, and I am a fairly active member of forums that discuss them in detail. Phenibut piqued my interest when I read testimonials upon testimonials on how it can help you be more social and less inhibited. I have always been an introvert, and also suffer from a degree of social anxiety. Approaching strangers, talking to them or just being more involved in parties is not something that comes naturally to me, unless I have had copious amounts of alcohol. I decided to give Phenibut a try to see if it could help me.


The very first time I tried Phenibut, I was being very cautious and opted for a low dose. I chose the powder, and only took 500 mg. I consider myself to be a recreational user, and nowadays, I take about 1000 mg. It takes almost 3 hours for the effects of the Phenibut to kick in for me, but your experience may vary.


On the days I take Phenibut, I can see that I am calmer and more relaxed. Usually, I struggle with intrusive thoughts, but Phenibut helps me be more mindful. It almost puts me in a meditative state. I feel less anxiety and pressure about saying the right things in a social setting, which means that I come across as more confident.

Overall, using Phenibut recreationally has had a very positive effect on my mood and my anxiety.

Where to Buy Phenibut

Phenibut is readily available online, even though several vendors shut down. It is still legal for customers in the United States to buy Phenibut as an over the counter nootropic, but the FDA has declared that it cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement since it is a synthetically produced derivative of an amino acid.

I would recommend the following two online stores that sell Phenibut :

It is a vendor that sells Phenibut in the form of powder as well as a solution. The site is very user-friendly, and you’re able to seamlessly navigate through the website. Not only do they ship fast, they also ship their products internationally. Their F-Phenibut is potent, and much stronger than the Phenibut HCL they have available.

Absorb Your Heath sells Phenibut as a powder. It is available in 5, 10, 25, or 50 grams, with a free 500 mg scoop. They ship their orders within a day, and their product comes with a money-back guarantee. You also get free shipping if your order crosses the $75 mark, and you are located within the United States.


Phenibut can improve your quality of life by improving memory, concentration, and motivation, and by alleviating anxiety, sleeplessness and fatigue. If you have never tried a nootropic before, I hope this Phenibut review helps you make an informed decision.

Phenibut FAQ

Will I Experience Phenibut Euphoria?

At lower doses, Phenibut is a depressant. Since it was conceived as an anti-anxiety drug, it is no surprise that it reduces stimulation and arousal. But at higher doses, Phenibut produces euphoria. It is not advisable for new users to take a high dose, since it can have major side effects.

Will I get addicted to Phenibut?

Phenibut is not a controlled substance, and it is readily available online. Its availability has made it popular among nootropic enthusiasts. Those who are looking to try Phenibut for the very first time may have questions about its effect of the mind, and whether it can be addictive.

The topic of Phenibut addiction is a complicated one. Addiction has certain nuanced aspects to it – since addiction can be a physical dependence to a substance, but it can also be a psychological coping mechanism. There are people who are predisposed to addictive behaviours, and this can manifest in substance abuse.

Since Phenibut works by stimulating GABA and dopamine receptors, taking high dosages frequently may cause dependence in those who are predisposed to addictive behaviour patterns. When taken for recreational purposes, and in reasonable doses, it is a safe supplement. Unless you have been diagnosed with an addictive personality, taking Phenibut will not get you addicted to it.

Will I fail a drug test if I take Phenibut?

Several companies conduct pre-employment and random drug tests, but Phenibut does not show up on a standard drug test. Most of the standard drug tests cover amphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine, opiates (codeine, morphine, and heroin), and PCP.

While the common drug tests may not detect Phenibut, the benzene ring in Phenibut can mess with the methamphetamine testing on a urine drug test. Usually, it will not show a false positive for meth, it will most likely hint at unreportable traces.

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