Sulbutiamine Review – Are You Tired of Being Tired?

Sulbutiamine is a synthetic supplement with numerous benefits for the body. So, this Sulbutiamine review intends to not only introduce you to the supplement but to also provide you with all the information you will need to then move on and try it out for yourself.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

What is Sulbutiamine?

First, we need to cover the basics.

What we have here is something synthetically derived from vitamin B1, also known as thiamine. Basically, Sulbutiamine consists of two molecules of thiamine being bonded together, and this changes how it works and the ease with which it gets across what’s known as the blood-brain barrier.

Japanese scientists created it in the 1960s to help treat those individuals lacking in vitamin B1. It makes sense that all they thought about was to effectively double the amount of thiamine by binding two together, but they ended up getting some additional outcomes that they weren’t expecting.

What the scientists found was it helped with chronic fatigue, boosted memory, and lifted the mood of the individual, but more on those advantages later.

How Does Sulbutiamine Work?

Sulbutiamine works in the same way in the body as thiamine, but it’s as if it’s super-charged due to the power being doubled-up. Also, it works faster compared to normal thiamine, so you get the benefits in less time.

But what happens when you take the supplement? Well, after being digested, it ties itself to your blood cells. This is important as it effectively gets the supplement to move around your body, but the key is in your brain.

Now to get a bit scientific, and we are going to start with that blood-brain barrier concept.

Sulbutiamine is capable of getting into your brain via your blood a lot easier than thiamine does, and this allows it to get to work on improving your brain health. After reaching your brain, this supplement does a number of positive things which then boosts memory, mood, and energy levels.

Once it gets there, it manages to bolster the production of thiamine pyrophosphate, or TPP. This is key as TPP plays a central role in what’s known as the citric acid cycle of the brain. Our brain needs this to effectively break down things like amino acids, fatty acids, and monosaccharides to then eventually create another molecule called adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

But there’s more.

Sulbutiamine has been shown to have a positive impact on the production of neurotransmitters including dopamine and glutamate. This is where the impact on mood comes into play.

So, we digest it. Our body recognizes it as a huge amount of thiamine, it’s digested easily due to being fat-soluble, and it passes the blood-brain barrier in little time. At that point, we start to see the benefits.

Sulbutiamine Benefits

Sulbutiamine has been linked to various health improvements primarily focused on memory, mood, and energy levels.


First up, we have fatigue, and not only is this viewed as being the biggest benefit, it’s also the one with the most scientific research supporting the claims. A study of over 1,700 people suffering from chronic fatigue and infections led to positive results.

What it showed was that 52% of participants who were given Sulbutiamine noticed a substantial improvement in both their energy and mood levels. [1]However, we can take these studies to a whole new level as another one involving 326 patients suffering from chronic fatigue also showed an improvement in energy levels.

Now, this study is significant as it involved some people being given a placebo while others were given Sulbutiamine. Some participants given the supplement noticed an improvement in energy levels, and that is brilliant news. [2]

We could go on with various studies showing the same thing, which is a boost to energy and mood levels. However, we have to conclude in this Sulbutiamine review that the supplement will give you a renewed sense of energy even if you suffer from chronic fatigue at some point in your life.


Countless studies have shown Sulbutiamine significantly boosts memory. One such study included rats.[3]In the study, it was shown after a number of weeks that the rats were able to recognize more objects than before due to their recall.

But there are other studies involving humans that also show positive results. A study of 26 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s indicated taking Sulbutiamine alongside donepezil led to an improvement in memory.[4]

It’s also linked to an increase in activity in the hippocampus. [5]This means memory formation, as well as recall, is boosted, so we feel as if everything is functioning way better than before.

Mood Improvement

Mood improvement is an easy one to understand, and it’s thanks to boosting dopamine levels.[6] It is effective in some people with depression and anxiety as it also seeks to reduce stress levels. If we feel less stressed, less fatigued, and our cognitive function is improved, then our depression and anxiety will also drop.

Other Benefits

While those are the three main areas where Sulbutiamine is effective, other studies are looking at various other potential advantages. This includes checking to see how it may help with erectile dysfunction caused by stress [7]or helping people to become more sociable thanks to reducing those anxiety levels.

Throw in better motivation, the ability to concentrate, and generally just feeling better about your ability to function as a normal human being, and what you have is a supplement that packs a lot into a small amount.

How to Take Sulbutiamine

So, with all these benefits in mind, you need to know how much to take. Different studies have shown the optimum level is between 400-600 mg per day for healthy adults. However, you should only be taking this for a maximum time period of four weeks.

It’s worth noting some companies argue you can safely consume up to 1000 mg in a single day, but it does require the total being split into two components with one taken in the morning and one later in the day. But this approach can bring a problem.

For some, a higher level of Sulbutiamine can act as a stimulant to a certain degree. As such, taking it too late in the day can lead to you possibly disrupting your sleep, and when you have been battling fatigue that’s the last thing you want to do.

With that in mind, we recommend taking around 600 mg.

Supplement Form?

This supplement is available in both powder and capsule form. In all honesty, capsule form is a lot easier than powder. Not only is it faster, but some powders can taste awful to be honest, and nobody wants to put up with that.

The capsule form is all over in an instant with you then able to get on with the rest of your day.

Why Four Weeks?

We just want to jump back to a point we made earlier regarding taking the supplement for a maximum of four weeks. This is due to studies showing we quickly increase our tolerance, so the levels we have been taking will no longer prove to be as effective.

That’s why people will take Sulbutiamine in cycles. Some people try to counteract this by using the supplement five days a week followed by two days without.

No matter the approach you take, the key is to take breaks. Never use this supplement daily for months or the impact will not be the same.

Sulbutiamine Side Effects

The good news is this supplement is non-toxic. This means it’s well-tolerated by our body as it’s merely doubling up on something that the body produces naturally.

In saying that, we cannot 100% rule out some slight side effects if you plan on taking high doses daily. At that point, a few individuals have noted minor outbreaks of a skin rash, but this goes away when you drop the dosage.

Also, as it affects your mood, the higher doses can be detrimental to people with a mood disorder like Bipolar.

To avoid this, stick to a maximum of 600 mg per day.

Sulbutiamine Stacks

Stacking is certainly possible with Sulbutiamine, and there are a couple of options that work well together.

First, stacking 200 mg of Sulbutiamine with 750 mg of Aniracetam alongside 350 mg of Alpha GPC either one or two times per day will boost mood, brain function, and energy. That’s due to the complementary effects of Aniracetam alongside Sulbutiamine.

Another stack to check out would be with Huperzine A and Alpha GPC. Once again, they blend well together, but only when you use the correct balance. We recommend 400 mg Sulbutiamine alongside 200 mg Huperzine A as well as 300 mg Alpha GPC.

This second stack will increase cognitive functioning while the introduction of Huperzine A also gives that added power boost. This blend is fantastic for anybody who is working out or playing sports. It will bolster stamina by preventing that energy drop that most of us will encounter at some point in our workouts.

Oh, and both of these stacks are perfectly safe just stick to the amounts we have mentioned.

My experience with Sulbutiamine

OK, so what do I think about Sulbutiamine?

Previously, I would look at using the likes of caffeine to boost my energy levels and to stop that horrible fatigue feeling that could come over me when stressed. To be honest, caffeine would leave me feeling a bit wired, and that wasn’t something I enjoyed.

Instead, I wanted something that felt a lot more natural as if my energy levels were going on a steady upward curve and staying stable. Caffeine would make these levels sky-rocket too quickly.

Sulbutiamine didn’t do that. Instead, I felt stimulated but in a good way. I still felt in control of what was going on, and the fatigue that would hit me during the day was largely gone. Of course, with less fatigue, there was greater clarity in my thought processes. I could do more on a consistent level without feeling as if I was battling to get through everything.

I do admit that using Sulbutiamine on its own was enough, but I can also understand how stacking it with other similar supplements could give even more of a boost to people.

I have had a positive experience and if you are struggling with any of the issues I’ve mentioned above, then I would certainly have no problem in recommending this supplement.

Where to Buy Sulbutiamine

We suggest you only buy from recommended suppliers for your own safety, and there are two that stand out.

First, we have the guys over at and they make a big deal out of the products they sell having been tested for quality. Also, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee should you not be happy, and there’s free domestic shipping to save you some cash.

They stock Sulbutiamine in capsule form while they also provide an athletes bundle as well as a stack. You can buy the capsules in either 60s or 180s, and with the price starting at $12.99 it does represent value for money.

Next, we have and they make everything in the US while also putting their supplements under strict testing. There are a number of positive reviews for this website, so you are in safe hands when you order from them.

With them, they also supply Sulbutiamine in capsule form but in bottles of 90 capsules at 200 mg each. While this bottle is priced at $19.95, they do offer a subscribe and save option for people looking at using the supplement in the long-term.  Also, multi-packs can also be purchased saving you some money compared to a single bottle price.


Throughout this Sulbutiamine review, I have sought to summarize everything you should know about this supplement and how it will prove to be highly beneficial for you.

The side effects are almost non-existent, the benefits are obvious and backed by studies, and my own personal experience of the supplement has been resoundingly positive. If you are indeed suffering from fatigue, a lack of concentration, and poor mental clarity, then this one supplement could make a huge difference.

Overall, Sulbutiamine gets a major thumbs-up!

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